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Pre-Keto and 4 day check-in

Pre-Keto and 4 day check-in

Well hello again! I figured it was a good idea to check-in regarding my 100 day Keto challenge. I started it on July 8, 2017 and have currently reached day 4! Wow, that's not very long, but it kinda feels like I've been doing this for a while. When I'm doing it, it doesn't feel like a diet. I don't have to try too hard. It's very much a mental game and lifestyle choice. 

Before I go any further though about this, I thought it would be good to share my late night musings regarding starting up the night before (July 7, 2018). I wrote in my weight loss journal about my concerns, thoughts, and goals regarding starting Keto. Here it goes:

It's 11:49 pm on the 7th day of July (I keep thinking it's June! Ugh! Where has the time gone?) and I'm in my final minutes before starting keto. I'm nervous. "Why?" you ask, well, I'm committing to 100 day of NO CHEATING! I'm nervous about caffeine withdrawals, the keto flu, and getting hangry and super emotional. I did it before for 10 days and I did fine, so I know there's hope. It's just the fear of failure on my mind I suppose. I went grocery shopping today though and stocked the refrigerator with Keto approved food. I got snacks and plenty of options! If I can keep on top of this, I will succeed. 

Before I start my official 100 days, I want to give myself clear goals and reasons to keep me going. I know it can be difficult with goals, but near impossible if goals are not SMART: Specific, measurable, assignable, relevant, and time-based. With that being said, these goals may not be fully SMART, but at this time, it's what I've got.

1. Take it one day at a time.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with looking at how long I've got to go that I might decide to quit. So, instead of worrying about 100 days, I'm going to focus on TODAY. Then I will celebrate the small successes: 10 days, 30 days, 50 days (half way there! whoop whoop!), 60 days, 90 days, and finally 100 days! 

2. Get healthy, and lower my cholesterol to a healthy range

I need to remember why I'm doing this. I won't succeed if it's simply to lose weight (though that is a goal). I am doing this to improve my cholesterol, my asthma, and to help me complete my first Spartan race. 

3. Lose 35 lbs.

To address the above point, I'd be lying if I said I didn't care about the number on the scale. If I'm honest, it is a huge factor for me and definitely a way I will measure success. However, I will also take measurements so I can measure my success by other means. I just don't know what is reasonable regarding "normal measurements" for my body type, so I'm keeping the weight goal as my primary here. I will also take progress pictures to document the changes. 

4. Take progress pictures weekly.

I will take progress pictures throughout the process when I hit milestone dates to help me stay in perspective. I am sure during the process I will feel/see little to no difference, but by taking these pictures, I can compare where I started with where I am in that moment. 

5. Go to the gym at least 2 times a week.

I've been attending the gym two days a week for a while now, and I will continue that for the beginning of my keto journey. I would like to move to 4 days a week, introducing runnig again into my weekly routine. I've been working with a personal trainer and he's been so good to me. I have to keep my mind right though because while on Keto, I will drop in my performance for a time. I have to remember that and be good to my body and mind. When I come out on the other side, I will be stronger than before and my performance will improve. I just have to get to the other side first! 

6. Drink Water, like 80 ounces a day.

This sounds so simple, but it is one of the hardest personal goals I have for myself. I need to be consistent in drinking 1/2 of my body weight in ounces daily to stay hydrated so I can fight the keto flu. I need to keep my electrolytes up. Allowing my body to get dehydrated will cause unnecessary harm and setbacks. By focusing on my water intake, I can decrease the difficulties of maintaining ketosis. 

I'm sure there are other goals I could set for myself, and I will review these throughout the weeks. As for now, it's time to sign off and sleep so I can get off on the right foot for this journey. Tomorrow I will weigh and measure myself and take my baseline pictures so I have everything documented! 

Full disclosure: here are my results after measuring and weighing on Sunday morning. 

  • Weight: 162.6
  • Fat: 37.2
  • Water 43.9
  • Muscle 28.3
  • Bone 6.6

Measurements (inches):

  • Neck 14 
  • Chest 40
  • Waist 33.25
  • Stomach 35.75
  • Hips/Rear 47.5
  • Thighs 27
  • Bicep 11.375
  • Calves 14.75

Ok, so now that you've gotten all this information, I wanted to give a quick check-in regarding the challenge. I've been doing GREAT! It's strange to say because I usually hate diets and anything to do with them. I hate feeling constricted, I tend to feel like I'm left out of the group because I have to eat differently, and overall, my body gets angry. Just as it had done the previous time I did Keto for a short stint, my body actually feels great! I have no issues. I have not experienced the Keto Flu, and I am in ketosis! I used the keto test strips yesterday and today, and I am officially in ketosis. I love how this eating style has made me feel! Notice how I'm calling it an eating style, rather than's because I don't feel deprived! Even when I was at our group lunch on Sunday, it didn't bother me. Even though I was at my nephew's birthday where there were cookies, I wasn't phased! I just simply passed the cookies on! I am so proud of these feat and am feeling really good about the challenge! 


Signing off for now. 

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